Launched in 2022, XCM is steered by experienced learning and workforce development experts and a diverse, talented team in their early careers, including the Changemakers Council.

Our Directors are innovators and experts in learning, workforce development, and early career. Collectively, they have advanced the careers of over 400K people from early career to the C-Suite.

Janine Matho
Janine Mathó, Director
Valerie Sutton, Director. Chief of Workforce Navigation & Transformation
Marisa Mathó, ’21
Partner & Cultural Alignment Strategist
Sophia Yau-Weeks, ’21
Community Manager

The Changemakers Council

One of the first actions we took as a company was to seek out talented women in their early careers to learn from and partner with. Our Changemakers Council is a diverse collective of ambitious changemakers who share our passion for building a career development community for those in the early stages of their careers. They join us as co-creators and advisors in our pledge to build with, not for, those at the center of our work.

– Janine Mathó, Co-Founder & CEO, ExponentialChangemakers
Eleanor Broome, ’20,
Consultant, EY
Kristen Castro, ’21,
LSE Master’s Student
Ellie Church, ’20, Policy & Delivery Advisor, Ministry of Justice, UK
Eseroka Dafinone, ’21 University of Exeter Master’s Student
Mae Dickinson, ’22, Admissions & Community Mgr., School of Humanity
Suzanna Jones, ’20, Sustainability Education Consultant, U of Coventry Master’s Candidate
Emma Lin, ’23, UCL Student
Marisa Mathó, ’21, Development & Responsible Partnerships Fellow, The Climate Museum & XCM Team Member
Anna-Noémie Outtara Boni, ’20, SOAS Master’s Candidate, SDG Impact Intern, UNDP
Mia Sannapureddy, ’20, Research Associate, Centre for Existential Risk, University of Cambridge
Laura Sawin, ’21, Research Data Analyst, CBRE
Sophia Yau-Weeks, ’21, Co-Founder Yau-Weeks Studio & XCM Team Member
Kit Digby, ’19, UK Home Office Executive