Gearing Up for Your Post-Graduation Life

After getting up close and personal with change over the last two years, most of us understand and expect change to be a constant part of life and career.  But, the transition from university to the world of work is more significant than our society recognizes.  As you celebrate your accomplishments in university, and the new adventure you’re about to begin, give yourself time to go through what is one of the biggest transitions in your life. To help you kick it off, we’ve pulled together 5 of our expert career advice articles for you to refer to as you leave university and move to build life and work on your terms.

Adjusting to Life After Graduation (While You Look for a Job)

Whether you’re going on to a Master’s or Ph.D. program, a new job, or a yet-to-be-determined path, graduation marks an important marker: that last paper or exam or walk across the stage to get your diploma signals the start of a new chapter in your life. And, guess what? You can make your new normal any way you want. But, before you begin, let’s move beyond the hype and pause a moment to acknowledge that you’re in transition & figure out the way forward. In our post, we share a few tips to support you in this transition, especially if you'll also be starting (or continuing) your job search.