Is it just me? How to determine if you’re being affected by unconscious gender bias at work

Have you ever wondered whether you were overreacting to a situation at work and whether what you were experiencing was a result of gender bias? If so, you’re not alone. Most of the time, it’s difficult to determine whether gender bias is at play in the workplace. But, you can take specific steps to detect gender bias at work.

Gearing Up for Your Post-Graduation Life

After getting up close and personal with change over the last two years, most of us understand and expect change to be a constant part of life and career.  But, the transition from university to the world of work is more significant than our society recognizes.  As you celebrate your accomplishments in university, and the new adventure you’re about to begin, give yourself time to go through what is one of the biggest transitions in your life. To help you kick it off, we’ve pulled together 5 of our expert career advice articles for you to refer to as you leave university and move to build life and work on your terms.

Adjusting to Life After Graduation (While You Look for a Job)

Whether you’re going on to a Master’s or Ph.D. program, a new job, or a yet-to-be-determined path, graduation marks an important marker: that last paper or exam or walk across the stage to get your diploma signals the start of a new chapter in your life. And, guess what? You can make your new normal any way you want. But, before you begin, let’s move beyond the hype and pause a moment to acknowledge that you’re in transition & figure out the way forward. In our post, we share a few tips to support you in this transition, especially if you'll also be starting (or continuing) your job search.

4 Steps to Creating Your Professional Development Plan in Early Career Roles

Learning and development don’t end once you finish being a student and enter the adult workforce, but the way you go about it does. In the workplace, there’s an expectation that you will manage your own learning. Learn how to manage and create your learning & development plan now that you're in the workplace.

10 Strategies for Early Career Success in a Male-dominated Workplace

In university, women often make up the majority, so it can be quite a shock when you enter the workforce to find that you are one of a few women in your starting cohort or the overall organization. Here are ten strategies you can employ to support you in being successful in male-dominated environments.

Am I qualified? Four Questions to Evaluate Whether You are Qualified for a Job

The biggest mistake people make when they focus on sending out job applications is applying for jobs for which they are not qualified. In this blog, we take a step back from the application process and review four questions you can use to evaluate whether you’re a qualified candidate for a particular job opportunity.

How to Own Your Career – From the Beginning

At ExponentialChangemakers we have a saying, "Own Your Career, Change the World." But, how do you do that? Before you search for a job or advance your career - at any stage - it’s really helpful to first evaluate the unique qualities, needs, and preferences that underpin your career and life decisions at any given point.  We call this “Your Career Starts with You” because it is a practice of putting yourself first so that you can truly drive your career - it’s one of our hallmarks and we take it very seriously! In this blog we explain how to take this important step beginning in your early career.

How to Network at Your Job (Yes, that is a thing!)

So, you've got that new job - congratulations! But, don't give up all of those job search tactics! Cultivating professional relationships - networking - is an ongoing activity. Once you have a job it is easier to develop relationship that will help you along the way. Here are two key ways that networking at work will support you in your new role.