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Sunday, 29 January | Noise Canceling Activities (Members)

Our January community adventure is about canceling the noise so we can tune into our inner voice. To wrap up this month, several members will be sharing their favorite noise-canceling activities such as yoga, crochet, journaling, and more through mini-workshops. All members are invited to join this special 1-hour online member-led session facilitated by Sophia Yau-Weeks, XCM Member & Community Manager. RSVP required.

Recent Events: Highlights

Monday, 16 January | Backing Yourself (Members)

Is it time to break free from expectations and back yourself? No matter where we are in our life or career, different things can make it hard for us to back ourselves. But backing ourselves is the key to breaking free of other people’s expectations of us and building our lives and careers on our terms. All members are invited to join this 45-minute session created and facilitated by XCM Co-Founder Dr. Becky Sage.

Tuesday, 6 Dec | Meet-Up at Somerset House (London Members & Non-Members)

Join us at 18h for an informal meet-up: Skating & winter-warming drinks at the festive Somerset House in central London. Purchase your tickets directly from Somerset House, and don’t forget to RSVP so we can tell you where to meet us!

Thursday, 17 Nov | Changemaker Circles – Coaching (London Members)

We recently launched Changemaker Circles in London: curated coaching circles that meet monthly with an executive coach.

Wednesday, 16 Nov | Ask for More: 30 Minutes on Salary & Putting a Price on Your Experience (Members)

Are you unsure whether you’re being paid accurately? Do you wonder whether you should put in for a pay increase or promotion? Are you gearing up for salary negotiation for a new job? Join Janine Mathó as she interviews Valerie Sutton, Early Career & LinkedIn Learning Expert, during Ask for More: How to  Put a Price on Your Experience. Gain a framework to know when and how to Ask for More.

Thursday, 3 Nov | Money & Your Career
IG Live

Many say that money shouldn’t be a primary driver of your career. While there’s some truth to that, money is an essential component of your career and your life. Listen to @drbeckysage and @ms_us_uk talk about Money & Your Career, our November Monthly Community Theme. Learn to:

⭐️ Evaluate or, if necessary, rewrite your relationship with money
⭐️ Take stock of your financial needs & goals
⭐️ Adopt an abundance mindset
⭐️ Be better equipped to ask for more money at work

Thursday, 13 October | Closing the Early Career Gender Gap | London Launch (Members & Non-Members)

We are thrilled to be hosting the launch of our London chapter in partnership with viSHEbility on Thursday, October 13th at 18:30h! Join us for drinks & nibbles and a discussion on Closing the Early Career Gender Gap, a topic at the core of our mission. Our fireside chat will feature several of our co-founders, Mary Mosope Adeyemi, author of Visible Strengths, and members Anna-Noémie Ouattara Boni and Eleanor Broome.

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