We Propel Women in Early Career
& Keep them Moving Forward.

The only global private membership network focused on connecting
& supporting women in the first 10 years of their careers.

The glass ceiling will stay half broken
until we deal with the sticky floor.

Between 2020-2025 well over one million women will get stuck at the entry level while their male counterparts advance. The gender gap starts early. Although men & women are nearly equally represented in entry-level roles, only 38% of first-level managers are female (Source: McKinsey 2022). The ‘sticky floor’ represents the invisible barriers to advancement which keep women in the lower ranks of the job scale longer than men. This is why today’s senior talent pipeline is gender unbalanced. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At ExponentialChangemakers we apply the same tools used to crack the glass ceiling to turn the sticky floor into a springboard. We’re building a powerful global network of Changemakers – join us!

Bringing the Benefit of a Powerful Network to Early Career

Connect to a network of talented women from universities & companies across the globe – peers, mentors & advisors. Access expert, personal career development & coaching anchored in community. Grow your ability to manage yourself & your career. Grow as a leader. Grow as a changemaker.

We are catalyzing success for women in early career today to accelerate the route to parity.

At ExponentialChangemakers, we welcome people who identify or have lived experience as women—cis, trans, as well as nonbinary individuals—are eligible to join. We understand that gender is a spectrum; we aim to create an intentionally inclusive community. We especially encourage BIPOC & first-gen women, as well as those with diverse life experiences from around the globe, to join us.

We are a global community, so you may join from anywhere in the world.