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We’re on a mission to close the early-career gender gap.
We support women like you so that you have the tools, knowledge & networks to build a life and work on your terms. And we engage with employers to create inclusive, high-functioning work cultures.

ExponentialChangemakers (XCM) is a growing global network supporting women from early to mid-career. Here, you can connect with high-achieving women, as well as mentors & advisors. You engage with expert, personal career development & coaching anchored in the community. You’ll grow your ability to manage yourself, your life, and your career and build them on your terms. You’ll grow as a leader and as a changemaker.

Our bundled platform offering – community, courses, and coaching – is your one-stop career development solution. Our low-cost memberships are a win-win for you & your employer. You’ll cultivate professional relationships, strengthen your career & leadership skills, and gain new perspectives. As a result, you’ll increasingly demonstrate high engagement, performance, retention, and progression in the workplace and achieve your life goals.

The journey from early to mid-career can be exhilarating yet overwhelming.

People spend a lot of time and energy from early to mid-career figuring out what they’re good at, acclimating to new roles or teams, learning and meeting expectations, and developing skills required now and for progression. This is especially true for women.

Did you know that women typically face more significant challenges from early to mid-career than their male counterparts?

The gender gap from early to mid-career is well-documented. Reporting to senior male bosses, joining male-dominated teams, decoding unwritten norms, and sometimes being misunderstood are points of additional stress that can undermine your confidence.

Although men & women are nearly equally represented in entry-level roles, only 38% of first-level managers are female. That’s because men are 25% more likely to be promoted from entry-level roles to first-level managers within the first 2-3 years of their careers. This ‘broken rung’ is when women begin to fall behind. It is also why today’s senior talent pipeline is gender unbalanced; if left unresolved, workplace gender parity can never be achieved. (Source: McKinsey 2022).

But there are solutions, including investing in learning & development.

In addition to creating an inclusive and high-functioning work culture, research shows that the same tools used to crack the glass ceiling can help close the gender gap from early to mid-career. These include growing a professional network, accessing career & leadership development experiences, and engaging in coaching to support growth.

Men play a critical role in closing the gender gap, and research confirms what many women have always known: women-only developmental experiences create a space for you to relax, trust one another, and engage in the openness and vulnerability necessary to create personal change. A study by KPMG found that 70% of women are more likely to share career challenges in discussion groups with other women than in groups that include men.

Bringing a Powerful Network to Women from Early to Mid-Career

We are catalyzing success for early & mid-career women today to accelerate the route to parity.

ExponentialChangemakers is a supportive affinity group for people who identify or have lived experience as women—cis, trans, as well as nonbinary individuals. We understand that gender is a spectrum; we aim to create an intentionally inclusive community. We especially encourage BIPOC & first-gen women, as well as those with diverse life experiences from around the globe, to join us.

We are a global community, so you may join from anywhere.